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Lower your risk for holiday auto accidents

Data from the National Safety Council confirms that serious and fatal auto accidents more commonly occur on holidays. Thanksgiving Day tends to be the most dangerous on the roads of the winter holidays, followed by New Year’s Day and Christmas Day.

Reduce your risk for a catastrophic motor vehicle collision this holiday season with these safety tips.

Designate a sober driver

Travel with someone who agrees to stay sober or arrange for an Uber if you will be heading to your destination alone and plan to drink. Celebrants can easily get carried away and not realize they can no longer safely drive.

Drive slowly

Increased traffic increases the risk for collisions. Travel the speed limit or lower in inclement weather. Leave plenty of space for other drivers to stop suddenly and stay out of blind spots. Speed commonly serves as a significant factor in serious and fatal car accidents. Leave plenty of time to get to your destination so you feel less stressed and rushed.

Get enough sleep

Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. If you plan a long road trip this holiday season, give yourself enough time to stop overnight to sleep if needed. When you stay later at a gathering than expected, ask the host if you can rest before driving home. If you start to feel drowsy when already on the road, pull over in a safe area and close your eyes until you feel revived enough to drive safely.

With these steps, you can help counteract the increased risk of auto accidents on holiday highways.

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