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Why is driving late in the summer a risk?

Perhaps surprising to some, summer is the most deadly season for teenage drivers. Even if it does not have the risk of icy roads or snowstorms, it comes with its own bundle of dangers.

Driving late at night is also a major risk for different reasons. When both of these potentially harmful times overlap, drivers may face more danger than they bargained for.

Increases in intoxicated driving

Smith System discusses many of the dangers most prominent for drivers during summer. A major part of this boils down to other drivers, unfortunately.

Summer is a time when many people go on vacation, take time off, have holidays and cut back to have fun. There are also several prominent holidays, such as the Fourth of July, which feature a culture of heavy drinking. This means that rates of intoxicated driving tend to skyrocket during summer in general.

More people tend to hit the road while intoxicated at night, falsely believing they have less to worry about with less traffic. This is when many of the most fatal accidents can happen, and it is a major reason why nighttime summer driving is something people should strive to avoid, especially on or around holidays.

The potential for drowsy driving

It is not just intoxication that proves a hazard, though. Heat can actually increase a driver’s chance of suffering from drowsiness. The dark cover of the night only adds to that effect, potentially lulling a driver into a brief moment of sleep.

But one single moment is all one needs for a potentially lethal accident to happen. Again, drivers who have to hit the road at night in summer should remain vigilant. If at all possible, night driving is something to avoid on a whole.

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