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Who could be liable for a car accident in snow?

Pennsylvania is a no-fault auto accident state, meaning you must turn to your own personal injury protection coverage to receive compensation for your losses.

However, if your injuries are severe enough, you could file a claim against the at-fault party. The first step is determining who is liable.

Liability in a single-car accident

If you were the only victim in a car accident, that does not necessarily mean you are liable. For example, local government is responsible for maintaining road conditions to ensure the safety of drivers in the area. If snow or black ice causes you to wreck, the entity in charge of snow removal could be liable.

If another vehicle fails to remove snow build-up on their vehicle, it can fall off in transit and cause someone behind them to crash. In that case, they would be liable for damages. Similarly, someone driving too fast on a snow-covered road is a danger to other drivers. If they lose control and cause you to wreck, they would be responsible.

Liability in a multi-car accident

Any of the above-mentioned conditions could result in an accident involving more than one vehicle. Every auto accident has unique circumstances. However, liability typically falls on the driver who violated traffic laws and caused a collision. For example, if the other driver in your accident drove the speed limit during heavy snow, they would still be liable for not adjusting their speed to accommodate inclement weather.

Snow is a hazard for anyone on the road, and you have the right to hold a negligent driver accountable for causing severe injuries.

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