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A fall at the hotel could keep you from your high school reunion

Summer is a great time for high school reunions, and you are looking forward to attending yours and spending time with the old gang.

However, as you walk down the corridor to the hotel ballroom for the welcome dinner, you do not realize the shine on the floor signals a slip and fall accident waiting to happen.

About slip and fall accidents

Aside from vehicle crashes, slip and fall accidents are the most common cause of personal injury. The direction in which you fall warns of the kind of injury to expect. For example, falling forward often causes a shoulder or wrist injury while the major danger in falling backward is hitting your head.

Common injuries

In addition to soft tissue injuries, a slip and fall incident could result in more visible and serious injuries:

  • Head injury: Hitting your head requires immediate medical attention even if the injury turns out to be a mild concussion. A traumatic brain injury is much more serious and could be a life-changing event.
  • Shoulder injury: The shoulder is a complex joint and an injury could require surgery followed by a physical therapy program.
  • Spinal cord injury: An injury that either compresses or severs the spinal cord can be life-threatening. It may require costly, ongoing care.

How these accidents happen

An uneven surface, debris on the floor or a floor that is still damp from cleaning are major reasons for you to slip and fall. The owner of the property, in this case, the hotel hosting the reunion, is responsible for the safety of guests and may own liability for your injuries. You have a right to expect compensation to cover your medical expenses and more.

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