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What is a dire need case?

People who need Social Security benefits are in varying positions in life. Some are able to wait until the Social Security Administration processes their claim and approves their benefits. However, there are people in such a dire state that they need help without delay. Johnstown residents who face such problems may attempt to get a disability hearing scheduled quickly by asserting they have a dire need case. 

Injuries sustained on the job could make it impossible to go back to work for long periods of time, or a medical condition may cripple the ability of a person to sustain a steady income. Without the ability to earn a living, certain essentials may dry up, sometimes quickly. These circumstances can become, according to Social Security, the foundation of a dire need case. 

Some people face a lack or an impending loss of housing. A person may have a home but cannot currently live in it because the residence is uninhabitable, or the home of the person is about to be foreclosed on. An individual in need may also live in an apartment but is about to be evicted. Alternatively, someone may already be homeless and cannot find a shelter or place to stay. 

Because some disability applicants cannot work or produce an income, they face a risk of losing any financial means to buy food or medicine. As a result, they use up their remaining reserves and possess no way to obtain more food or medication. An applicant may also claim that their current lack of resources hampers access to needed medical care. 

If any of these circumstances exist, designating your case as a dire need case may draw special attention to your plight and provide you with benefits when you most need it. Consultation with a knowledgeable attorney may further assist you to make your case that you need help as soon as possible. Because people who need Social Security benefits will have differing needs, read this information for educational benefit, not legal advice. 

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