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Tips For Staying Off The Phone When Driving

The dangers of distracted driving are well-known. Serious accidents can result when drivers engage in such conduct.

However, the temptation to use the phone while driving remains strong among many motorists. For example, a AAA survey suggested that around seven out of every 10 drivers talk on the phone behind the wheel.

Today, we’ll go over some tactics drivers can turn to for staying away from this dangerous, and rather prevalent, conduct.

Do not disturb

Most phones now contain a special mode that drivers can use for help on this front. This is generally called “Do Not Disturb” mode. When activated, it disables certain phone functions that could be distracting for drivers. How a person engages this mode and what specifically it does to a phone’s functions depends on the phone in question.

Apps to the rescue

Drivers can also add additional technology to their phones beyond “Do Not Disturb” mode to try to help keep themselves distraction-free when out on the roads. There are a range of apps out there aimed at promoting safe driving. These apps can contain a variety of functions, including:

  • Systems that disable phone features when one is driving
  • Incentive systems that reward safe and attentive driving
  • Tracking systems that allow drivers to see how they are acting behind the wheel so they have an accurate picture of how prevalent distracted driving is for them when they are out on the roads.

Out of sight out of mind

There are also low-tech solutions for avoiding phone use while driving. Among the main ones is putting the phone away in a place you can’t access it when driving. This way, you don’t have to worry about being tempted to pick it up during your trip.

What other things would you recommend for drivers when it comes to avoiding distractions behind the wheel?

Unfortunately, the likelihood of encountering drivers who continue to succumb to the temptation to get distracted by their phone remains high. When a person is hurt as a result of such an encounter, he or she should consider promptly discussing his or her options for pursuing compensation with an experienced auto accident lawyer. Getting fair financial relief can be a key step in recovering from car crash injuries.

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