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Steps you should take after a car accident in Pennsylvania

Although it might not be evident in the moment, but if you rush or overthink after a car accident you might not be able to receive as much compensation as you deserve.

Car accident victims are often eligible to receive damages to pay for injuries, damage to their car and to cover for any other losses that the accident brings into their life. But there are ways you might miss out on getting repaid or getting a fair amount of repayment. You’ll want to keep in mind that having a record of the event and staying neutral through the process are going to help you in the long run.

Begin follow-up right away

Being part of a car accident can be extremely painful. It can also catch you off guard. But not taking steps to follow up after your accident can impact your ability to receive compensation. This may include receiving immediate medical attention, taking photos of car damage and filing a personal injury or property damage lawsuit. Both visiting a doctor and photos of the scene, will provide some proof for insurance or the court to consider when awarding economic damages. It’s crucial to keep in mind that if you plan to file lawsuit in court, you’ll have two years from your accident date to do so.

Don’t take the blame

Depending on the type of insurance policy each party holds, you might be not able to file a lawsuit against the other driver. However, in case you have the chance to sue for personal injury or property damage, you won’t want to say the accident was your fault. Both at the scene of the accident and through the settlement process, you shouldn’t take any of the blame. This is because if you are more than 50% at fault, then the court won’t want to review your case. Any percentage of fault under 50% can reduce the total settlement amount too.

Remember that checking if the other party has injuries and getting emergency help to the scene isn’t an admission of guilt. But be sure to not to tell the police officer at the scene, the other driver or your insurance company that you think the accident was the result of missteps on your part. And keep the importance of evidence and deadlines in mind during the claims process.

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