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Is my slip-and-fall serious?

A small puddle on the floor, a loose step on a stairway, or a weak handrail can be all that is necessary to cause someone to suffer a fall. While these accidents may not appear dangerous initially, there may be more to the injury than a victim expects.

A slip-and-fall can be fatal, especially in older adults. These injuries result in the deaths of more than 30,000 older adults each year. Even if these injuries are serious for older people, can they be serious for other adults?

Severe consequences of a slip-and-fall

A fall can cause a wide array of injuries in victims, young and old. Scrapes and bruises are common, but far from the worst outcomes. Some of the injuries with lifelong consequences include:

  • Broken bones – even if a doctor sets a broken bone properly, it may still leave a victim with complications after healing. In the meantime, the healing process can take weeks or months, depending on the injury’s location.
  • Dislocation – the force of a fall can be enough to separate a joint in the victim. Shoulders, knees, and hips are all vulnerable to dislocations in a fall. A doctor or paramedic may quickly fix the injury, but complications from it can persist for a long time afterward.
  • Traumatic brain injuries – landing on your head can be enough to cause a concussion, hemorrhage, and even paralysis. These injuries are especially serious because of how easy they are for victims to overlook.
  • Spinal cord and back injuries – the back is a delicate are of the body. Even the smallest injury can impede the ability to lift a few pounds, while a significant injury can keep a victim from walking every again.

It is alarming to think that a fall that can be so damaging can happen at any time. When these accidents can risk so much, make sure you do not underestimate what you do to recover.

Treat your accident seriously

It only takes a moment for a fall to have a lifetime of consequences. Injuries like fractures, dislocations, brain injuries, and back injuries can all come from a fall that otherwise looks innocent. See a doctor after your fall to make sure you are okay.

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