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What do you know about having a better relationship with money?

You understand the benefits of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and you feel it is the right thing to do in your situation. That is a good start, but have you figured out what brought you to need to file for bankruptcy in the first place? 

CNN Money describes how to improve your relationship with money. Now is a great time to develop healthy financial habits, so you do not risk having to file for bankruptcy again in the future. 

Create financial goals  

Can you name specific financial goals you had before your money problems? One common source of financial anxiety is a lack of objectives. When you cultivate your goals, lean into the specifics regarding the time frame and steps you must take to see those goals come to fruition. 

Trace your money origins 

Take some time to think about where and how you first learned about money. Maybe your parents lived check to check, or perhaps you grew up thinking investing was only for people of a certain tax bracket. By figuring out your money story, you can pinpoint the root of your current money beliefs and mindsets, ones you may need to change if you want to improve your financial health. 

Make it a habit to look over your bank accounts  

Maybe you got so caught up in life that you neglected to take the time to check-in with your finances occasionally. When that happens, you may not realize the depths of your financial strife. Every week, look at your bank accounts and debts. You could have unidentified areas of improvement, and there may be issues you need to clear up before they spiral out of control. 

Adjusting your relationship with money may be easier than you think. It could also be the key to financial freedom. 

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