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How can you maximize SSD benefits?

While researching Social Security Disability, you may wonder whether you can influence the amount of your benefits. You can, but it takes some work on your part. 

U.S. News & World Report provides strategies for increasing SSD benefits. Understand how to get back on your financial feet while working to get back on your physical feet. 

Use careful phrasing in your application  

If you have yet to apply for benefits, do not skimp on the details. Rather than say your disability left you unable to work, detail the specific aspects of your job that you can no longer perform because of your disability. What everyday tasks become difficult because of your disability? What life changes did your disability trigger? Be as thorough as possible on your application. 

Understand what you qualify for  

Your earnings and tax history determine your disability benefits. When you set up your account with the Social Security Administration, take a close look at your estimated disability amount. If the SSA approves your disability application, double-check to see if the benefit amount matches your estimated amount. 

Keep the SSA upraised of your disability  

If you receive approval for benefits, do not get lax in communicating with the SSA. Over time, your disability may heal to where you can return to work and earn wages. The SSA allows for a trial work period, but you do not immediately stop receiving benefits if you can return to work. Combining work wages with benefits could increase your income more than benefits alone. Even if you do not voluntarily return to work if you can, the SSA may cut off your benefits if they feel you no longer meet their definition of disabled. 

Educate yourself on how to take full advantage of SSD benefits. The right tips could give you one less thing to fret over. 

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