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Does my employer have workers’ compensation insurance?

If you end up with an injury from your job in Pennsylvania, then you should expect your employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance will pay for your medical expenses related to the injury and also provide you with benefits for lost wages if you meet the criteria. According to the Department of Labor & Industry, almost every employer must carry workers’ compensation in the state.

State law specifically requires employers with at least one employee to carry this insurance. That means that only sole proprietors with no other employees are about the only business that would not have to have coverage. The law even includes family members as employees that count towards the one employee requirement. In addition, age does not matter, and part-time workers still count as employees. So, the law requires most employers to have coverage, and if you are working for a business, then legally it must have workers’ compensation insurance.

Your employer does have options where it will get its insurance from. It can self-insure if it has been in business for at least three years and shows stable finances. It is possible for your employer to join a certified ground self-insurance fund. The state also offers insurance, which is ideal for new businesses that may not qualify under other options. State insurance is available to every business.

The most important thing is that your employer carries coverage. You can assume your employer has coverage, but you can also check with the state to make sure your employer does have insurance if you have any concerns. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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